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Another Happy Customer

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You won’t beat a good quality service. Come to Farrell Travel

Dear Friends in Farrell Travel !!

My name is Nadi Ormian, I am a tour guide from Israel. I have a lot of experience in your lovely Ireland (over 25 times).

We finished a 12 days tour last Saturday on which we enjoyed your excellent drivers – John & Vincent.

I met around 30 Irish drivers, many of them were good,but these two brothers were the best I ever met in Ireland.

Nice, friendly, gentle, helpful – everything you can expect from a good driver. Both of them had some long days without complaining or even looking at the watch. Both helped gently an old women (84) that we had on the tour.

Everybody in the group loved and appreciated them.

You should be proud to have such great drivers in your team.

I am coming twice a year to Ireland – let me assure you that I am about to ask for them from now on.


Best Regards


Galway Races 2013

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This year the Galway races are running from the 29th of July to the 4th of August. As usual there are plenty of buses going in and out so stay safe and get on a bus.

Check out this page on the Buslink website. It’s well worth a look if your thinking about joining in on the festivities at the Galway Races this year


Farrell Travel teaming up with the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa

Posted by on May 26, 2013 in News | Comments Off

Team up with Farrell TravelFarrell Travel have announced this week that we are the official travel Partners for the Radisson Blu Hotel in Galway. It will not come as a shock to many people as it is plain to see that both business strive for excellence and delivering a first class service. In these recessionary times it’s tough going to keep a business going but the Radisson is thriving and Farrell Travel are expanding at an exceptional rate. With our new identity for the Service Routes, Buslink, we are dedicated to providing the people of Galway with a top class service on time service at value for money prices. We have recently started a Park & Ride from the Galway Airport to the Coach Station.

While part of the business has branched out under a new name the whole business still maintains it’s original morals of always putting our customers first and in turn they have stayed loyal to us. Over recent years we have had a host of new customers who have come on board with us and we have kept all our customers from day one.


Another New Addition

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Farrell Travel are leading the way in the West Of Ireland. They took delivery of a new 2013 Scania Irizar i6. The coach is ready to go out on tour with a full touring spec and so many extra’s if we started to list them we would be here all day. The coach was painted in a metallic colour and the seats were designed by Fergus and Ronan of Farrell Travel when they visited the Irizar factory in the North East of Spain when the coach underwent the design process in October of 2012.

Farrell Travel firmly believe in keeping cutomers happy and a progressive company like Farrell Travel need to keep their fleet updated so that their passengers have the most comfortable journey possible in a nice clean and warm bus.

Keep an eye out for this new coach around Galway and Ireland. It’s quite the head turner

Touring coach 2013

The Galway Rally

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Looking back on the Galway Rally, we have to wonder is it really worth it? The event itself is great but it does come at a high price and we have to wonder is it worth it anymore? I’m sure it’s some headache for the Galway Rally club listening to complaints from the public about roads being closed and in the days leading up to the rally about boy racers driving up and down their road at high speed. I even heard of them hearing complaints about boy racers in the town on Saturday night causing trouble. Some of these matters are completely out of the control of the Galway Rally Club.

With over twenty young drivers waiting to face court charges over the coming weeks for a series of road traffic offences, mostly for speeding and dangerous driving and a young man appeared in court following a serious assault in the early hours of Sunday morning on Rossaveal Pier which left a 23 year old fighting for his life in Beaumount hospital. It has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth about hosting the rally.

The Gardai did a great job at the weekend keeping trouble at bay and the Galway Rally Club did a fine job in the running of the Rally event itself which turned out to be a great success but year on year it’s the anti-social behaviour which goes on that spoils the rally and for me anyway takes the good out of it. A lot of the boy racers bring sleeping bags and pillows and either pitch a tent or sleep in their car. They are spending all their money on their cars and have very little money for anything outside of that so you really do have to wonder whether it’s worth it or not. Is there enough revenue being brought into Galway from the rally to tolerate all the anti-social behaviour that goes with it? In my opinion I don’t think there is but I also think it would be a shame if we didn’t host the rally.